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7 deadly drugs the government wants you to swallow

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THIS JUST IN: An insider near Washington D.C. has just blown the lid off the 7 Deadly Drugs the U.S. Government can't wait for you to swallow. I wish I could say this was just a conspiracy theory, but this whistleblower has concrete evidence "the powers that be" are shoving pure poison down your throat. Who knows how long this list will be up before "Big Brother" catches on... so don't wait. Click here now for the full list.

Dear Reader,

Bloating, depression, irritability and mood swings... if you, or someone you know, suffers from severe Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS), you know how quickly it can turn from Dr. Jekyll to Ms. "Everyone Hide." PMS is more than a monthly nuisance -- for some the symptoms can become so debilitating that they can interfere with work and even your relationships.

If your monthlies are driving you mad, scientists from the Middle East say they have uncovered a sweet solution that could erase your PMS symptoms for good in just 8 weeks!

Imagine, your "PMS" could be "MIA" by your next cycle and you won't need to touch a prescription drug to reap these amazing results.

Iranian researchers presented their eye-opening study at the recent European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology meeting, where they announced that fennel, a popular Mediterranean flower, may hold the key to banishing your most stubborn PMS symptoms forever!

Researchers asked a group of women suffering from severe PMS to spend eight weeks taking fennel-seed drops. Another group of women engaged in an exercise program throughout their menstrual cycle, while a third control group did nothing.

While the exercise group was able to ease some of their stubborn PMS symptoms, their results couldn't hold a candle to the fast and complete relief experienced by the gals taking regular fennel supplements.

In just eight short weeks, the women who consumed fennel felt less depressed, had an easier time doing their jobs, and had less difficulty getting along with others. Fennel is packed with phytoestrogens, and researchers believe it may help correct some of the hormonal imbalances that can leave you feeling frustrated and miserable for days at a time.

Of course, if you've been reading this e-letter for a while, you're no stranger to fennel. We've told you about how this powerful natural cure with a sweet licorice taste can soothe stomachaches, and it's also used around the world to improve everything from eyesight to blood pressure.

The best part about fennel extract is that you can pick it up at any health food store, and a healthy dose may only run you about 25 cents a day.

Some may call menstruation "the curse," but believe me, friend, it doesn't need to be. Give this safe, affordable solution a try, and see if you can give PMS the B-O-O-T for good.

Swallow a few spoonfuls of yogurt and poop perfectly?
Give me a break...

If your own gut is plaguing you with occasional diarrhea and gas, or taunting you with constipation and bloating--then I've got some surprising information the yogurt peddlers don't want you to hear about...

Because you don't need to swallow yogurt by the tubful, give up your favorite foods or even take one more sip of those gritty drink mixes.

Discover the digestive breakthrough that finally helps you "go" like you're supposed to...

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Fast-acting fruit could conquer post-workout woes

There's nothing quite like lacing up the old tennis shoes and hitting the road for a soothing after-dinner walk in the cool evening air. The problem is, when you wake up the next morning you're likely to wonder if you pounded the pavement -- or whether the pavement pounded YOU.

The cramped muscles and achy joints that often follow a workout can leave you feeling less like a world-class athlete and more like the Tin Man, limping stiffly through your day and begging for relief.

If you're ready to banish your post-workout woes forever, there's a miracle fix on the way and some wizards of science from three leading Spanish universities are responsible for bringing it to us. Just click those heels together three times, head to the refrigerator and cut yourself a healthy slice of watermelon.

Surprisingly, scientists say watermelon juice could hold the key to unlocking your stiff muscles and escorting nasty lactic acid from your body faster than you can spit a seed.

Here's the run-down. A research team from Spain asked a group of athletes to end their workouts with either watermelon juice or a placebo. And after just 24 hours, those in the watermelon juice group were feeling sportier than ever -- the pain vanished from their muscles, their lactic acid disappeared almost like magic, and they were ready for another round on the track or treadmill!

It's no secret that watermelon can hydrate you quickly, but there's far more to this fantastic fruit. It's loaded with the amino acid L-Citrulline, which heads straight to your sore muscles and helps show lactic acid the door.

If you're not a watermelon fan, you can also find L-Citrulline supplements at most health food stores. So if you're dealing with post-workout pain that's jeopardizing your exercise routine -- or even just the aches and pains of a fun-filled day of sightseeing, shopping, or visiting friends -- why not follow the Yellow Brick Road to your local farmer's market (or supplement store) and put the wonders of watermelon to work for you.

And if you don't feel like waiting for watermelon to work, just two drops of this powerful pain reliever, from our friends and affiliates at NorthStar Nutritionals, can start to bring soothing relief to your aching muscles and joints in just 45 seconds FLAT! Begin to rub pain away on contact with this proven pain relief system that will soon have you saying, "BINGO! Pain relief!" Click here for all the soothing details.

Yours in good health,

Bob Reagan

Bear in mind we are not addressing anyone's personal situation and you should rely on this for informational purposes only. Please consult with your own physician before acting on any recommendations contained herein.

Deep in the heart of Thailand,
a newly discovered text teaches us how to...
Bring human aging to a virtual STAND STILL

600 years ago, monks in the Northern Kingdom of modern day Thailand stumbled upon a secret that changes the rules of aging.

They documented how this rare find could...keep hair thick and full, send energy soaring, and help skin stay rosy and firm.

But even better, when this secret went up against 21st century science--it bowled it over by showing it could combat cancer, help men protect their prostate and allow women to soar through menopause with ease.

The text has been found, the results amaze modern scientists, and now you can have this game-changing secret for yourself!

Read on to get every last detail...

Could fennel beat PMT?: (

Watermelon Juice: Potential Functional Drink for Sore Muscle Relief in Athletes: (

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